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by Graham Williams
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Auto Mounting

Install autofs:

  $ wajig install autofs
This will create the relevant files in /var/autofs with default configuration file /etc/auto.master which references auto.misc and /etc/auto.net. You may want to create your own automount specification, so create a new file, perhaps /etc/auto.ktnet with something like:
  athens       -rw,hard,intr           athens:/ktnet/athens
Then edit /etc/auto.master to include just this file:
  /var/autofs/ktnet      /etc/auto.ktnet
Restart the autofs server:
  $ wajig restart autofs
Assuming NFS is set up appropriately, this will now automatically mount /var/autofs/ktnet/athens from the host Athene (39.18) whenever that folder is accessed.

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