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by Graham Williams
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Browsing the Web

The Gnome web browser is mozilla-firefox and is the default browser used by many free and open source enthusiasts. Galeon and epiphany are alternatives with more features. They are all based on mozilla to render the web pages.

Through Debian's aternatives system you can choose from a number of browsers to be the default for x-www-browser:

  $ wajig updatealts x-www-browser

  There are 4 alternatives which provide `x-www-browser'. 

    Selection    Alternative
        1        /usr/bin/epiphany
   +    2        /usr/bin/konqueror
        3        /usr/bin/mozilla
  *     4        /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox

  Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number:

From the Gnome Preferred Applications configuration window (gnome-default-applications-properties) you can choose Sensible Browser which runs the command sensible-browser, which attempts to do the right thing, depending on context and environment variables (including BROWSER), and will fall back to x-www-browser if required.

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