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The Circuit sheet contains shapes useful for drawing electrical and electronic circuit diagrams. The sheet includes, in order, a Vertical Resistor, Horizontal Inductor, Vertical Inductor, and a Horizontal Resistor as the first row with their European counterparts as the second row. Then Horizontal and Vertical Capacitors, npn and pnp Bipolar Transistors, Horizontal and Vertical Diodes and Zener Diodes, Ground Point, Operational Amplifier, Horizontal and Vertical Fuses and Power Sources, Lamp, Speaker, Horizontal and Vertical LEDs, NMOS and PMOS Transistors, and a Horizontal Jumper.

Image dia-sheet-circuit

All objects have object defaults accessible by double clicking the left mouse button on the corresponding object within the sheet. In general you can set the default text padding, alignment, font, and font size for each object.

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