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Cisco Air PCM3500

Using a Cisco Air PCM350 series (PCM352) wireless PCMCIA card in a laptop. Card is recognised when inserted and the airo module is loaded and eth2 is identified. Card is also seen as wifi0! Install the CISCO Utilities (Version 2.0 from www.cisco.com as Linux-ACU-Driver-v2.0.tar.gz). Install as follows:

  # mkdir /tmp/cisco
  # cd /tmp/csico
  # wget http://www.cisco.com/pcgi-bin/Software/Tablebuild/download.cgi/Linux-ACU-Driver-v2.0.tar.gz
  # tar zxvf Linux-ACU-Driver-v2.0.tar.gz
  # mkdir -p /opt/cisco/bin
  # mv utilities/* /opt/cisco/bin
  # mv helpml.tar.gz /opt/cisco
  # cd /opt/csico
  # tar zxvf helpml.tar.gz
  # tm helpml.tar.gz
  # cd
  # /opt/cisco/bin/acu
For LEAP authentication you can login with a username and password. This can be set up with:
  # leapscript <username> <password>
Then start up a network connection on wifi0:
  # ifup wifi0

Trying a ifup eth2 freezes the machine (Kernel 2.4.23).

DHCP fails at present. The wireless card is “associatied”. Have tried:

Fixed IP also fails to work.

WARNING: On the laptop, suspend to disk fails to resume when the card is plugged in!!!! TODO Fix this.

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