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by Graham Williams
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Creating a Fork

20181228On github click Fork on the original repository

Clone your fork to your local machine

$ git clone git@github.com:gjwgit/pname.git $ cd pname

Add 'upstream' repo to list of remotes

$ git remote add upstream

Verify the new remote named 'upstream'

$ git remote -v

Fetch from upstream remote

$ git fetch upstream

View all branches, including those from upstream

$ git branch -va

Checkout your master branch and merge upstream

$ git checkout master 
$ git merge upstream/master

Checkout the master branch - you want your new branch to come from master

$ git checkout master

Create a new branch named newfeature (give your branch its own simple informative name)

$ git branch newfeature

Switch to your new branch

$ git checkout newfeature


Fetch upstream master and merge with your repo's master branch

$ git fetch upstream 
$ git checkout master 
$ git merge upstream/master

If there were any new commits, rebase your development branch:

$ git checkout newfeature
$ git rebase master

Rebase all commits on your development branch:

$ git checkout
$ git rebase -i master

On github change to branch and click Pull Request.

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