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The FS sheet provides support for Function Structure Diagrams. There are three shapes: A Flow, an Orthogonal Polyline Flow, and a Function.

Image dia-sheet-fs

The Flows have object defaults where default labels (text) and flow types can be identified. These can also be changed by double clicking a Flow or Orthogonal Polyline Flow object on your canvas. The different flow types (Energy, Material, and Signal) change the properties (colour and type) of the line. The text label can be grabbed by the mouse and moved around.

The Function object is a box with a text label. It has object properties with which the Function can be identified as a Wish Function and/or a User Function. A Wish Function has a dotted box and a User Function has a double box.

Figure 19.8: A sample of the Function Structure (FS) Diagram sheet objects. This is not a true function structure diagram, but does illustrate the variety of shapes.
Image dia-sheet-fs-sample

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