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by Graham Williams
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Intermediate Image

The first step is perhaps to copy all of the files you wish to burn to CD into a single directory, perhaps /home/kayon/cdimage/. Then create the iso9660 CD image with:

  $ cd /home/kayon
  $ mkisofs -r -o cdimage.raw cdimage
The file cdimage.raw will be created in /home/kayon. You could now check that it looks okay by mounting the file as a file system (you usually need to be root to do this):
  $ sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop/0 cdimage.raw /mnt
  $ ls /mnt
  $ sudo umount /mnt

Now write the image to a CD. Here's some alternatives for a number of systems I use:

  $ cdrecord -data cdimage.raw
(No device is specified, assuming it is specified appropriately in /etc/default/cdrecord as /dev/cdrom.)

If you are writing to a CD-RW be sure to blank the CD first with:

  $ cdrecord -blank=fast

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