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MLHub Rain Tomorrow

Decision trees and the ensemble of decision trees within a random forest are two common approaches to building classification models in AI. The concept of an ensemble of decision trees was introduced in 1988 in the paper Combining Decision Trees: Initial results from the MIL algorithm where the improved performance from multiple trees is demonstrated. The rattle package in R provides the weatherAUS dataset which is used to predict rain tomorrow. This is the dataset used to build the model that is demonstrated in these MLHub packages: rain and rainrf.

These MLHub packages also demonstrate how to deliver multiple MLHub models from a single git repository. This one repository contains a yaml file for the rain model (MLHUB.yaml) and another yaml file for the rainrf model (rainrf.yaml).

Here we install, configure and demonstrate the rain model, a decision tree model for predicting whether it will rain tomorrow:

$ ml install rain
$ ml configure rain
$ ml demo rain

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