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Mairix: Searching Maildir and mbox archives

REVIEW Mairix is an email indexing tool that works with standard GNU/Linux mbox and Maildir formats. The model is that the mairix command is run to update the index and it can then be searched to generate a mailbox containing the results of the search. Visit the mailbox (Maildir/Search in the example below) to review the found messages.

  $ wajig install mairix
  $ emacs ~/.mairixrc
  $ mairix           This creates or updates the index database
  $ mairix f:Fred    This creates "Search" Maildir with the results

Examples of searches that can be performed include:

  mairix d:7jun-8jun                  Any messages on these dates
  mairix pulling                      Header or body containing the word
  mairix a:daphne                     To/Cc/From contains daphne

Then load it up into mutt:

  $ mutt -f Maildir/Search

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