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by Graham Williams
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PDF: The Portable Document Format

20180530 The portable document format (pdf) arose as an enhancement to the Postscript format (ps) for document formatting. The tools for working with pdf documents on Linux are very mature and comprehensive. In this chapter we introduce some of the most useful and common capabilities available whilst noting that there are very many more open source tools available for working with pdf documents.

The common tools include, in a very rough order of utility:

pdftk: The pdftk command provides a comprehensive collections of operations on pdf documents. See also Linux Links.

pdfjam: a command line tool that provides quite an extensive collection of options for common pdf document manipulations, including join documents and rearranging the pages of a document. Further information is available from the University of Warwick.

pdfnup: A wrapper around the pdfjam command to produce nup documents, as in multiple virtual pages per physical page.

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