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POP Mail Server

You can manually interact with a POP server to perhaps manually delete an email that your mail too is having trouble downloading, or simply to check things out. Here's a sample manual session:

  $ telnet pop.togaware.com 110
  Connected to pop.togaware.com. 
  Escape character is '^]'. 
  +OK Hello there. 
  USER kayon
  +OK Password required. 
  PASS Secret
  +OK logged in. 
  +OK POP3 clients that break here, they violate STD53. 
  1 2269
  2 1498
  3 2816
  4 2113
  RETR 1
  +OK 2269 octets follow. 
  Return-Path: <fred@yahoo.com>
  Delivered-To: kayon@mail.togaware.com
  DELE 1
  +OK Deleted. 
  +OK Bye-bye. 
  Connection closed by foreign host.

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