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Image mate-top-panel

20180528 If for whatever reason one of the panels (like the top panel) becomes corrupted or has lost some of the expected applets or is generally unusable, consider resetting the panel. To do so navigate through to the MATE Tweak tool often under the Preferences menu. There select the Panel menu item. First choose to Save As the current panel configuration for backup purposes. Then choose the default Familiar panel layout to reset the panel, as in Figure 49.1.

Figure 49.1: The MATE Tweak tool ready to configure the panel.
Image mate-tweak-panel

The command line can also be used to set the layout. The available layouts are found in /usr/share/mate-panels/layouts. Here we choose the familiar layout.

  $ ls /usr/share/mate-panel/layouts
  $ mate-panel --help
  $ mate-panel --layout familiar
  $ mate-panel --replace

This may require you to then logout and to login again.

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