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by Graham Williams
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Debian Packages: cups cups-client cups-bsd a2ps hp-ppd foomatic-db gsfonts-other

20190811 CUPS, the Common Unix Printing System, is a printing system for Unix and GNU/Linux, implementing the traditional LPD (Line Printer Daemon) protocol as well as other printing protocols like IPP (Internet Printing Protocol). It uses PPD (PostScript Printer Description) files to identify the features of a printer, maintains printer configurations, and provides access to the printer options through the command line. It also has client side filters to convert, for example, pdf to PostScript to avoid pages of raw output of pdf (for Postscript printers). You can also have a virtual pdf printer to generate pdf instead of printing documents, by installing cups-pdf.

After installing cups you can visit http://localhost:631/ to add a printer to your computer using a browser based interface.

A command line interface is often more convenient and instructive. Below are some initial common tasks.

To list the configured printers:

$ lpstat -a
$ lpstat -p -d

To remove a printer called HL3040CN:

$ lpadmin -x lasre

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