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Debian Packages: rythmbox

Rhythmbox (Figure 9.7) is a audio player similar to iTunes for the Gnome desktop. It includes an iTunes-style layout, search box, playlist management, podcast handling, and iPod integration.

Figure 9.7: Rythmbox audio player.
Image rythmbox-waters-amused-ballard

The application is started from the Applications menu and Sound sub menu, choosing the Rythmbox Audio Player item.

The main Rhythmbox window consists of four frames. On starting up Rythmbox for the first time the frames are mostly empty. The first task is to load in some of your audio, which might by in your Music folder in your home. To import all of the files in your Music collection into Rythmbox, from the Music menu choose the Import Folder.

The left frame of the Rythmbox window lists sources of audio. This might include playlists and podcasts. The two central frames are titled Artist and Album and list all the artists and albums in our collection. Clicking on the entries controls what is listed in the fourth frame below, which lists the current tracks.

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