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by Graham Williams
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SPlus: Statistical Software

SPlus is commercial software, popular with statisticians and commercial data analysts. Install on Debian:

  # adduser splus
  # su - splus
  $ cd
  $ umask 022
  $ tar zxvf splus.tz
  Email the code and your SPlus serial number and server name to SPlus
  By return mail you will get a license key
  Select 4:    Destinations and Name of Splus Script
  Select 2:    Name of Splus shell script             "Splus"
    Change to "splus" to make life easier for everyone
    The script to start Splus will be installed in /usr/local
  $ ./INSTALL 
  Enter the key when prompted
  Then fails with:
     cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/splus': 
     Permission denied
  $ su
    y to CONFIGURE
  # chmod go+rx /usr/local/bin/splus
  Should now be installed!

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