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by Graham Williams
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SSH Terminal in a Browser

MindTerm is invoked with something like https://alpine.togaware.com/ssh.After wajig install mindterm be sure to

  # cd /var/www
  # ln -s /usr/share/mindterm/ ssh

which makes it immediately available (assuming you are running a http server such as apache).

This supports both the external ssh pop up window and the internal (to the browser) ssh window. No problems with terminal types here. Although the default internal terminal is a bit too narrow for my liking. I extend it to 80 chars by editting /usr/share/doc/mindterm/index.html, and setting width=850 in the applet element. Note that you can also change the font if you wish:

  <applet archive="mindterm.jar" 
          width=850 height=400>
    <param name=fn value="blah">

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