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by Graham Williams
Duck Duck Go

Software Selection

20180507 Below we identify applications for a variety of tasks. In general, the first listed package is a recommended package, though of course this is personal opinion and for different users and different purposes some of the alternatives may be more appropriate.

archive manager engrampa (mate fork of file roller);
desktop environment mate;
file manager caja (mate fork of nautilus);
ide emacs;
image editor gimp;
image processor imagemagik;
image viewer eom, eog;
office suite libre-office;
password manager keepassx
pdf viewer atril (mate fork of evince), evince, acroread (from Adobe), pdfcube (for presentations), xpdf, gpdf, keyjnote (for presentations);
remote desktop x2go;
system monitor conky;
terminal gnome-terminal, mate-terminal (mate fork of gnome-terminal);
text editor emacs, gedit, pluma (mate fork of gedit);
web browser firefox, brave

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