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Thoggen: Simple DVD Backup

Figure [*] shows the initial screen, on the left, offering options for the choice of title to backup to disk from the DVD. On choosing the title, click the OK button to progress to the second screen, the configuration screen, as shown on the right in Figure [*].

Figure 94.2: Thoggen offers a choice of titles to backup from a DVD.
Image thoggen-initial-bn   Image thoggen-configure-bn

The second screen is for configuring how the video backup is to be accomplished. You may like to backup the full size picture, and specify some cropping. Clicking the Configure Cropping ... button will display a window with a display of an image from the video and options for cropping each edge. Use the scroll bar to move somewhere into the video, and then use the crop spin buttons to remove any black edges from the video.

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