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by Graham Williams
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Oracles's VirtualBox (previously owned by Sun Microsystems) was installed on Nyx [090912] after adding the following to /etc/apt/sources.list (using System->Administration->Software Sources):

deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian jaunty non-free
Then install with:
$ wajig install virtualbox-3.0 dkms

On the Dell Precisoin T3500 VirtualBox complained that I needed to set VT-x/AMD-V in the BIOS or else the 64bit CPU would not be detected. I rebooted the Dell with F2 on boot to enter the BIOS and enabled Virtualization and VT for Direct IO. Then from the DVD supplied with the server Vista was installed in a VirtualBox. Note that this version of VirtualBox is not open source but is usable for personal use, even in a business. An open source edition (OSE) is available. A license can be purchased for the enterprise deployment.

On installing a guest operating system be sure to mount the supplied VBoxGuestAdditions.iso as a DVD and install the appropriate additions. These need to be done on the guest and so can't be done up front. On GNU/Linux, be sure to install the dkms package first.

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