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Wine: Emulating MS/Windows

Wine works well with MS/Windows/98 (e.g., winword and excel work just fine) but not so good with MS/Windows/NT, MS/Windows/2000, and MS/Windows/XP.

To install Microsoft's Internet Explorer (e.g., so that the Australian Taxation Office's eTax application will be able to submit your tax return), download a setup script and run it:

$ wget http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/files/wine-config-sidenet-1.8.6.tgz
$ tar zxvf wine-config-sidenet-1.8.6.tgz
$ cd wine-config-sidenet
$ ./setup
Language code ? : en
Install option (0-3)? : 1
(ignore an error)

You can then run the applications:

$ wine iexplore
$ wine ~/c/etax2005/etax2005.exe
This worked for wine 20050725 but not for wine 20050930. The error relates to characters in the filename that seem to be interpreted wrongly.

To view Windows help, download:

$ wget http://www.kamasoftware.com/download/HelpExplorer_v2.1_LINUX.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf HelpExplorer_v2.1_LINUX.tar.gz
$ cd Setup
$ Help
Open ~/c/etax2005/etax2005.hlp
Click Index

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