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XSLT Processors

Debian has a decent collection of XSLT processors:

lib-xt-java: Works well. Style sheet parameter is handled effortlessly.

  $ java com.jclark.xsl.sax.Driver <XML file> <XSL file> [id=wgi001]

sablotron: Works well but my sample genealogy style sheet with a parameter cause sablotron to find an error! (Perhaps it is stricter with XSL or else it does not implement some feature—not yet explored.)

  $ sabcmd <XSL file> <XML file> [\$id=wgi001]

transformiix: Produces slightly different output to all the rest. Does not seem to allow assignment to parameters.

  $ transfrmx -s <XSL file> -i <XML file>

xalan: Works well but could not get it to take the parameter?

  $ xalan -xsl <XSL file> -in <XML file> -param id wgi001

xsltproc works well. xsltproc:

  $ xsltproc --stringparam id wgi001 <XSL file> <XML file>

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