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by Graham Williams
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ASL (Cargo)

Cargo is a basic desktop used essentially as a terminal. It has a 500MHz Celeron processor, 64MB memory (upgrade to 320MB), 10GB of disk.

The base install (22 March 2004) was with the beta3 Debian Installer, booting from floppy, then using a USB Flash disk. Automatic partition of the disk was accepted (single partition).

With only 64MB of memory the machine ran quite slowly. Another 256MB was purchased (SDRAM, $120) and the machine was able to cope with multiple XWindows and more.

After 18 months the power supply died. This was replaced ($45 5 January 2006) and the machine continues as a backup in the family home when no other machine is available! Works quite reasonably with one user running Gnome.

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