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by Graham Williams
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ASUS EeePC 1005P (Rhesus)

Monju is a netbook computer for portable presentations, email, browsing, writing, coding, and some data mining. It came with MS/Windows XP Home pre-installed. The netbook features an Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU with 1GB of DDR2 memory and an 80GB hard drive. It includes an inbuilt SD card reader, 3 USB2 sockets, Wireless, Bluetooth, and a two finger TouchPad.

Ubuntu-Eee (8.04.01) was installed from USB (8 November 2008). The iso image was downloaded from Ubuntu-eee. It is now a dual boot system, keeping MS/Windows, though so far MS/Windows has not been used.

The system was purchased 8 November 2008 for $579 from Bing Lee. It was price marked $699, advertised as a November special at $599, and sold at Office Works for $649. An excellent netbook and fully featured when running Ubuntu-eee. Can easily handle running the Rattle data mining toolkit.

Working: Skype (audio), ethernet, hibernate, suspend, wifi, User USB mount (after commenting out the CDROM entries in /etc/fstab), SD (1GB) card.

Not Tested: external monitor

Not Working:

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