Go to TogaWare.com Home Page. GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams
Duck Duck Go


20200219 The following web pages provide links back to this book. Link rot sets in after some time so some links no longer exist. They can often be found though through the wayback machine if interested. The list has not recently been updated!

Bellevue Linux's Online Books. Dia Documentation. Distro Watch. Free Tech Books. French Debian. Getting Acquainted with Debian an Overview by Bill Wohler. Gnome Documentation. Humaniverse's Favourite Links. L'Informatique. Linux Clues. Linux Today 9 September 2004. Oracle-on-Linux 29 October 2004. OS News7 September 2004 and 3 July 2003. Paul's BookmarksRittman's Oracle Weblog 17 May 2004. Russian Debian. Scott's Newsletter, 9 July 2003. Ubuntu Linux's User Documentation Page. Ubuntu Linux's Useful Documentation Page. Hannu Valtaene Ltd's Linux Links. Why Debian?Zagidulin.net's Linux Links.
   Bulgarian Debian Users. Debian Weekly News, 8 July 2003. The Debian System by Martin F. Krafft, 27 June 2005.

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