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by Graham Williams
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Citrix Installation


Citrix provides both a standard client and a Java based client that can run as an application or as an applet (although the Java application is only available as version 6, with version 7 only providing an applet). The clients can be downloaded from the Citrix web site, after agreeing to their licensing conditions.

Client Installation

To install the client on GNU/Linux:

  $ wget http://download2.citrix.com/files/en/products/client/ica/current/ICAClient-7.00-1.i386.rpm
  $ wajig rpminstall ICAClient-7.00-1.i386.rpm
  $ /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr
        Create new Entry
                        Server [ACT] [citrix.togaware.com]
                        Window Size [75%]
        Tools -> Settings
                Drive Mapping
                        H: /home/kayon/
                        Enable Drive Mapping
  $ /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr -desc ACT

Java Client Installation

The Java client can be installed as in:

  $ wget http://download2.citrix.com/files/en/products/nfr/ica/setup.class
  $ java setup
       Install into /usr/local/share/citrix
  $ CLASSPATH="/usr/local/share/citrix/JICAEngJ.jar:$CLASSPATH"\
    java com.citrix.pn

Create a connection, such as ACT. Then start up the connection directly:

  $ CLASSPATH="/usr/local/share/citrix/JICAEngJ.jar:$CLASSPATH"\
    java com.citrix.JICA ACT

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