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by Graham Williams
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Dell Latitude C600 (Inco)

Inco is a laptop with a docking station, used as a shared portable, primarily for presentations (but previously as a desktop machine). It has a built-in network card and modem plus another network card in the docking station. It is a dual boot machine, although MS/Windows-NT doesn't see much use. Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r2 was installed from CD-ROM, 20 November 2001. It was upgraded immediately to unstable. The kernel was upgraded to 2.4.14 early on but has keep up to date with Debian kernel releases. The built-in modem is a WinModem which is not supported by Linux so a PCMCIA modem is used.

Inco has two NTFS partitions (C and D drives) using about 7GB with the remaining 13GB partitioned as 1GB swap and 12GB for linux:

  Partition 12GB as linux ext2 /dev/hda3
  Partition  1GB as linux swap /dev/hda4

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