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by Graham Williams
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Kurtz Install Log


3 June 2005

Standard install.

Install: lang=English, location=Australia, kb=American English, no network, hostname=kurtz, partition first disk as a desktop and second disk as a single partition on /data (9GB as sdb1), write partition changes, reboot.

Default Desktop partition was:

/ 2.6G sda3
/boot 8M sda2
/home 6.2G sda5
swap 251M sda4

On reboot SRM starts aboot from where kernel 0 can be booted (i.e., just type 0). Type l for a list of kernels:

  aboot> l
  aboot> 0
If you find yourself in SRM you can boot to aboot with:
  >>> boot dka0

Root passwd, user account, apt install.

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