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by Graham Williams
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Widget Palettes


List all of the widgets provided by each palette and basic description and functionality.

The GTK Basic Widgets

The GTK Additional Widgets

The Gnome Widgets

The GnomeApp

The GnomeApp widget is the basic Gnome application root window. It provides some standard menus, toolbar buttons and a status bar. The canvas area between the toolbar and the status bar is where you will layout your application. See page [*] for an example of the GnomeApp.

The GnomeDruid

Image glade-gnome-druid
The GnomeDruid is the Wizard-like widget that has a sequence of windows with Next and Back buttons and a Finish button on the final window of the sequence. The GnomeDruid widget has a stylised start page (GnomeDruidPageStart widget) and a stylised finish page (GnomeDruidPageFinish widget) and in between is a collection of pages where information from the user can be obtained (GnomeDruidPageStandard widgets).

On the start and finish pages you can only supply a title and some text. These pages are information pages and are not used to obtain responses from the user. The pages in between include a GtkVBox in which you can add your own widgets.

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