6.1 Wajig Installation and Tools


Wajig is available in the Debian and Ubuntu distributions. As root:

apt update
apt install wajig

It can then replace apt or apt-get.

The latest version is available as a pip package from PyPI:

pip3 install wajig

Debian pioneered the concept of packaging free and open source software into a distribution in the 1990’s. The key development was the suite of tools called the Advanced Packaging Tool, or apt. The primary command was apt-get. More recently, the command apt has provided an update to apt-get (and apt-cache), smoothing some of the sharper edges. Indeed, the more recent apt shares many of the same goals of the much older wajig, though wajig still continues to encompass a wider set of functionality beyond package management, but not too far beyond. Indeed, wajig functionality underneath has been migrating from using apt-get to using apt where it suits.

A good review of apt-get and apt is available from It’s FOSS.

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