33.40 Git Workflow


For the typical developer workflow within a project see Section 33.3.

A fetch updates the local copy of the repository to match the remote repository. It will not modify your working copy of the files at all.

$ git fetch

A pull will first do a fetch and then a merge.

A diff will show changes made to the local main branch versus the repository main branch using difftool:

$ git difftool origin/main main

To match our local main branch with the remote main branch we rebase our repository:

$ git rebase

We can hand merge or use the mergetool to interactively resolve any conflicts between local changes and remote changes:

$ git mergetool

To list all local commits we can query the log

$ git log --oneline

To list the repository commits (after a fetch) we also query the log:

$ git log origin/main --oneline

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