61.7 Nextcloud Apps


Log in to your Nextcloud server as the administrator and under your user icon, top right, select + Apps to add new apps for your users. Or else:

sudo nextcloud.occ app:install calendar

The nexcloud occ sub-commands for app are:

  app:check-code   check code to be compliant
  app:disable      disable an app
  app:enable       enable an app
  app:getpath      Get an absolute path to the app directory
  app:install      install an app
  app:list         List all available apps
  app:remove       remove an app
  app:update       update an app or all apps

A collection of apps I recommend having installed.

  • bookmarks
  • calendar
  • contacts
  • drawio A complete drawing and whiteboard package for Nextcloud. See Section 61.8.
  • files_markdown: Markdow editor with two panes, one showing the source and the other showing the rendered version. To invoke, choose the Plain Test Editor item from the markdown file’s menu.
  • groupfolders: Share folders, like your Photos folder,among a group of users. See Section 61.9.
  • maps: Shows photos, contacts, and traces on a map.
  • memories: Photo management including facerecognition and tagging (Section 61.13) of photos. See Section 61.10.
  • phonetrack
  • simpletask A todo.txt based todo list manager. Not actually a Nextcloud app but a great Android app supporting Nextcloud. See Section 61.14.
  • snappymail: Email though a little slow.
  • talk: Private and secure video calls and chat through Nextcloud. It’s actually called spreed but Talk is more intuitive. See Section 61.16.
  • user_usage_report
  • welcome: A welcome widget for the dashboard that displays a markdown document.

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