10.9 Audio Tags and Metadata


Metadata for mp3 audio files are stored within the audio file itself. Such data contains things like the artist, title, album, track number, genre, date, publisher, and many more.

Note that a file might have ID3 v1.1 or ID3 v2.3 and v2.4 tags. Some tools only deal with v1 tags, others with v2 tags. Some files may have both sets of tags and some audio players (like rhythmbox) will display the v2 in preference to v1. The eyed3 provides the eyeD3 command which has the most functionality across all versions.

Ogg files have separate tools for tagging. For example, lltag will work with ogg and mp3 files.

Cover art can also be embedded into the ID3 tag.

The tags in our audio collection can be reviewed and edited using RhythmBox.

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