48.6 Ubuntu Linode CLI Users


For multiple accounts with different usernames the configure and set-user commands are useful. When the configure command is run the browser is used to log into an account. If you are already logged in, then it will automatically use that account and ask for some default values for location, type, and image. If you log out of the account in the browser and log into another account, the next configure will note the user and again ask for defaults. The details are saved into `~/.config/linode-cli:

default-user = homeuser1

token = 898345c5ec54a7678c2f6822f335a3655788041f6be446673ac03533f6575786
region = ap-southeast
image = linode/ubuntu22.04
type = g6-nanode-1

token = 56d754fdb22456368656ed2455cf88543f75868659c4643225fbc4e756677c32
region = ap-southeast
type = g6-nanode-1
image = linode/ubuntu22.04

At any time there is a default user as recorded in this file. All commands are run as that user. To change to another user simply set-user:

linode-cli set-user officeuser

The show-users command is also useful to list the users and identify which is the current default.

linode-cli show-users
Configured Users: 
*  officeuser

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