40.4 Jonah Notes


Jonah is a Dell OptiPlex 7000 Desktop. See Section 40.3 for installation details.

To install Ubuntu 22.04 turn off Secure Boot in the BIOS and to install on the Windows boot disk turn Bitlocker off and resize the disk from Windows 11.

After powering up the machine hold Fn-F12 for the boot menu and Fn-F2 for the BIOS. For a dual boot option installed on the Windows boot disk, in Windows the Bitlocker Drive Encryption needs to be turned off (https://help.ubuntu.com/bitlocker). Also in Windows shrink the C: drive to 100GB leaving a 400GB partition for Ubuntu. Through the boot menu boot from a Ubuntu 22.04 USB. If you see Operating System Loader signature found in SecureBoot exclusion database (“dbx”). All bootable devices failed Secure Boot verification. then turn Secure Boot off in the BIOS to then allow boot from USB. Follow the steps in Section 4.1 to set the server up.

Date Action
20220701 Firmware upgrade through BIOS
20220702 Install Ubuntu 22.04 from USB

The storage setup is /dev/nvme0n1p6 (377GB) as root (/), /dev/sda2 (2TB) is encrypted as jaffa, and /dev/sdb (2TB) is trucrypt encrypted.

On boot, the encrypted disk (crypto-LUKS) needs to be decrypted:

udisksctl  unlock -b /dev/sda2

This prompts for the passphrase and an administrator’s password and decrypts the disk which can then be mounted.

On a reboot the non-root disks need decrypting and mounting:

  • From gnome-disks decrypt the 2TB LUKS ST2000DM008-2UB102 and mount as /media/jaffa;

  • From veracrypt (run with sudo) decrypt the 2TB Seagate Expansion Desk using the Auto-Mount Devices option and mount as /dev/hafren. Takes a minute or two after providing the password.

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