91.6 Video Downloads


The Video DownloadHelper (http://www.downloadhelper.net/) is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome to download public videos from the Internet. The Chrome version has limitations placed on it so that it is not able to download videos from YouTube, noting that both Chrome and YouTube are Google products.

Once the DownloaadHelper plugin has been installed the three little balls will light up in colour when the web page being visited has an embedded video that it might be able to download. Click on the toolbar icon and then Download or Quick Download.

The DownloadHelper plugin is one of the most popular (number 2 or 3) plugins for web browsers.

The web site https://getvideo.at can also download public videos from many web sites on the Internet including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, IMDB, and Twitter. Simply enter the video URL and the website does the rest. A number of formats are offered to choose from. If you click on one and the video itself begins to play then right mouse button to choose to download the video.

The URL for videos that are embedded in other websites may not always be obvious. Some searching the underlying HTML code may be required. Using the Brave broweser, press F12 to display the HTML code and then navigate through te code to find the video’s URL.

Some embedded videos, for example, are hosted by https://wistia.com. To get the URL for the video you will need to view the HTML page source (F12) where the video is embedded and then search for wistia to identify the video code. It might be something like https://fast.wistia.net/embedded/iframe/ab7qsltub. Paste the URL into the text box at https://getvideo.at.

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