66.6 PDF Cropping


To crop a pdf document (multiple pages included) use pdfcrop with --margins. For example to remove crop marks from a book proof in each of the four corners of the document, experimentation might suggest a crop margin of -50 works:

pdfcrop --margins -50 input.pdf output.pdf

View the resulting document:

evince output.pdf

Below we see the original at the top and the cropped version at the bottom. When printing, the image will generally be expanded to fit the page, though that is often a setting within the application controlling the printing.

To crop most of the lower portion of a page, noting that you may want to experiment with the 675 here:

pdfcrop --margins "0 0 0 -675" input.pdf output.pdf

The arguments to --margins are <left> <top> <right> <bottom>.

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