82.4 SSH File System


Using your ssh connection to a remote server you can connect (technically, mount) folders from the remote server’s file system to your local host. In the example below we connect to user kayon’s account on host example.com accessing kayon’s remote login directory /home/kayon/ locally as ~/mnt/example/. The destination directory (~/mnt/example/ here) must already exist locally.

sshfs kayon@example.com:/home/kayon/ ~/mnt/example/

Note that if the source on the remote host is a symbolic link to the actual device, be sure to include the terminating backslash.

To un-mount the file system:

fusermount -u ~/mnt/example

For fstab:

kayon@example.com:/home/kayon/ /media/example fuse.sshfs defaults 0 0

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