80.3 CSS System Management


We will set up a public solid server to save data in /opt/solid/server and to place a log file into /opt/solid/log both which we first need to create. Be sure you are logged into the solid user account.

sudo -su solid
mkdir /opt/solid/server /opt/solid/log

Start the Solid server (changing example.org to your domain) and visit your domain:

community-solid-server --baseUrl https://solid.example.org \
                       --port 3000 \
                       --config @css:config/file.json \
                       --rootFilePath /opt/solid/server/

We can create a shell script /opt/solid/manage_solid_server.sh to handle the server management.

emacs /opt/solid/manage_solid_server.sh

The contents should be as below, changing example.com to your own domain name.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

URL="https://solid.example.com/" # EDIT ME!

export NVM_DIR="${BASE}/.nvm"; [ -s "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh"

case "${1}" in
        if pgrep -f community-solid-server; then
            echo "Server is already running.";
        else community-solid-server --baseUrl ${URL} --port ${PORT} \
                                    --config @css:config/file.json \
                                    --rootFilePath ${DATA} >> ${LOG} 2>&1 & disown;
             pgrep -f community-solid-server; fi;;
        if pgrep -f community-solid-server; then
            echo "Server is running.";
        else echo "Server is not running"; fi;;
        cat ${LOG};;
        if pgrep -f community-solid-server; then
            pgrep -f community-solid-server | xargs kill
        else echo "Server is not running"; fi;;
        echo "Supported commands: start, stop, status, log.";;

Make the script executable:

chmod a+x /opt/solid/manage_solid_server.sh

See Section 80.4 to utilise the script and to configure systemd to start the server on boot.

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