91.10 Video from Photos


Use mencoder-686. Convert all images to the same size first. (What’s the best size? Should I crop or rescale?)

  $ for i in *.jpg; do convert -resize 800x600! $i $i; done
  $ mencoder \*.jpg -mf on:fps=0.25 -o output.avi -ovc lavc
  $ mplayer output.avi

You could then transcode to SVCD and burn to CD to create a movie on the CD. Below we end up with 1 frame per second (TODO slow it down).

  $ transcode -a 0 -i output.avi -f 1 -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc -o output
  $ mplayer output.m1v
  $ mplex -f 4 -V -o output.mpg output.m1v
  $ mplayer output.mpg
  $ vcdimager --type=svcd output.mpg
  $ cdrdao write videocd.cue

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