61.20 Nextcloud External Storage Linode S3


An object store can be used to extend the data store beyond the store of files on a local volume. These are presented to the user as additional folders. This is different to having the primary storage on an object store which is covered in 61.24.

Linode Setup

Enable Cloud Storage on your linode account by creating a bucket:

linode-cli obj mb --cluster ap-south-1 nextcloud-store

This will also create an access key for the bucket and stores the access and private keys into ~/.config/linode-cli. A label is generated for the access key.

Nextcloud Setup

Enable external storage app in nextcloud

Under Administration click External storage. Provide a folder name like sgcloud which is what is displayed to the users as the folder using the external storage. Choose Amazon S3 and Access key. Supply a unique bucket name to the linode store like togs-nextcloud-store.

sudo nextcloud.occ files_external:create sgcloud s3 password::logincredentials -c host= -c share=SharedFolders -c root=Common -c domain=mydomain

this then gave me mount id 3

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files_external:applicable –add-user Joe 3

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