40.5 Kadesh Kernels


Kadesh is a Dell Latitude 7440 Desktop. See Section 40.2 for details.

Here we review updating to the latest released kernel. These are not necessarily yet supported for Ubuntu though they do come from a Ubuntu repository: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/mainline/. The aim has been to get the camera working through updated kernel support.

The mainline package provides an interactive GUI to manage installed kernels.

The current kernel was 6.5.0-14.14, an official Ubuntu kernel. Through mainline select 6.7 and then Install.

mainline 1.4.9
install 6.7 
Downloading 6.7                                                       
Installing 6.7                                                        
Selecting previously unselected package linux-image-unsigned-6.7.0-060700-generic.
(Reading database ... 740392 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack .../linux-image-unsigned-6.7.0-060700-generic_6.7.0-060700.202401072033_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking linux-image-unsigned-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Selecting previously unselected package linux-modules-6.7.0-060700-generic.
Preparing to unpack .../linux-modules-6.7.0-060700-generic_6.7.0-060700.202401072033_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking linux-modules-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Selecting previously unselected package linux-headers-6.7.0-060700-generic.
Preparing to unpack .../linux-headers-6.7.0-060700-generic_6.7.0-060700.202401072033_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking linux-headers-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Selecting previously unselected package linux-headers-6.7.0-060700.
Preparing to unpack .../linux-headers-6.7.0-060700_6.7.0-060700.202401072033_all.deb ...
Unpacking linux-headers-6.7.0-060700 (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Setting up linux-modules-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Setting up linux-headers-6.7.0-060700 (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Setting up linux-image-unsigned-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
I: /boot/vmlinuz.old is now a symlink to vmlinuz-6.5.0-14-generic
I: /boot/initrd.img.old is now a symlink to initrd.img-6.5.0-14-generic
I: /boot/vmlinuz is now a symlink to vmlinuz-6.7.0-060700-generic
I: /boot/initrd.img is now a symlink to initrd.img-6.7.0-060700-generic
Setting up linux-headers-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
Processing triggers for linux-image-unsigned-6.7.0-060700-generic (6.7.0-060700.202401072033) ...
update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-6.7.0-060700-generic
Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub'
Generating grub configuration file ...
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-6.7.0-060700-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-6.7.0-060700-generic
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-6.5.0-14-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-6.5.0-14-generic
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-6.5.0-13-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-6.5.0-13-generic
Found memtest86+ 64bit EFI image: /memtest86+x64.efi
Warning: os-prober will not be executed to detect other bootable partitions.
Systems on them will not be added to the GRUB boot configuration.
Check GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER documentation entry.
Adding boot menu entry for UEFI Firmware Settings ...
mainline: done

This did not fix my missing camera!

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